Sons of Confederate Veterans 

                      Major General Robert E. Rodes Sharpshooter Competition

The Purposes


1.      Honor the memory of the Confederate Soldier, Sailor, Marine and of the significant and substantial contributions of Major General Robert E. Rodes.

2.     To provide a fun and challenging venue at the SCV Annual that is in line with our culture, abilities and history.

3.     Increase attendance at the SCV Annual and participation in SCV activities by implementing an attractive programmed event with coveted one-of-a-                 kind recognition.

4.     Raise money to support the Museum Project, Hunley Award Program, and Heritage Defense.



The Event


The Confederate Sharpshooter event is a long-range shooting competition.  Each Shooter must bring his own rifle and ammunition, the event will provide targets.  Allowable rifles:


Ø  Enfield 1853 58 caliber Rifle Musket or any Period Accurate rifle used by Confederate Soldiers during the War Between the States.

Ø  We do not limit ammunition.  Use what you think will help you win, in honor of our ancestors availing themselves of every opportunity to do so.  There will be an on site Vendor for all shooting supplies.  Please avail yourself of their services to lessen the discomfort of traveling with ammunition etc.  If you elect to do so, please list your consumable needs on your entry form.  We will forward these details and your email address to the Vendor who will contact you directly to complete your pre-order for pick up on site.

Ø  Enrollment for this competition is limited to the membership of the SCV, OCR, UDC and Friends of SCV.


Register by Division (ANV, AoT, ATM, HQ McCain). 


Round 1: Each competitor is allowed 3 warm up shots, and 2 scoring shots, at two separate targets (1 practice, 1 score), at a range of 100 yards.  The aggregate score of the two scoring shots is summed and tabulated against the scores of the other Competitors.  The Competitors shoot again at 200 yards, no warm up shots.   A total of 4 scoring shots.  If a tie ensues, each tied competitor shoots a single shot for additional score at 200 yards. If another tie ensues, a third round is shot at 200 yards; so forth and so on until a single winner is declared from each of the four (4) Divisions / Camp i.e. ANV, AoT, ATM, and HQ.  Then, these 4 Division Champion Sharpshooters repeat elimination rounds of scoring 2 scoring shots at 200 yards, no warm up shots, until a single winner is declared as Confederate Top Gun Sharpshooter.  Each elimination round is scored individually and apart from the preceding round(s).  15 minutes is allowed each Shooter to complete Round 1.  5 minutes is allowed per round thereafter for each shooter to complete 1 or 2 scoring shots.


Firing Positions:                Round 1 First Scoring Shot: Offhand (standing) Mandatory*

                                             Remainder of Scoring Shots: Shooters Choice

                                             Tie Breaker Rounds: Shooters Choice

                                             Championship Rounds:  Shooters Choice

*Judges can handicap as needed for Shooters whom are unable to fire from a standing position.  This handicap must be applied universally for any Shooter in the same exact condition.  The event marshals recognize there is more than one condition possible.




First Place Maj. General Robert E. Rodes Top Gun Confederate Sharpshooter

            o   Brand New Whitworth Rifle, the traditional reward for Top Gun Confederate Sharpshooters.     

            o   Top Gun Neck Medal

            o   Champions Certificate

First Place Maj. General Robert E. Rodes Division Sharpshooter

            o   Division Champion Chest Medal

            o   Champions Certificate



Confederate Sharpshooter Event Sign Up


NOTE #1:  Please provide a good email or cell phone number.  The shooting order will be first come first served and in order of receipt of application.  Please allow a week or two for a reply.  Cut off for online sign ups is July 1, 2019.  We will contact you with the event information, payment arrangements, location and your shooting time once we have confirmed your membership status.  The cost of the event is $50 per entrant we ask you donate on site to the SCV Museum only $10 of this goes to the range for cost; the remainder goes to the SCV and SCVMC to use for the Purposes stated. 

NOTE #2:  We will be holding a pistol shoot at the same time.  Details will be posted by November 30, 2018.


NOTE #3:  We are looking for Sponsors for this and the future competitions.  If you are interested in Sponsoring this event or future Major General Robert E. Rodes Sharpshooter Competitions, please indicate so on the form above.  Sponsorship may take the forms of cash donation, donated goods or donated services.  We will allow signage at the event for Sponsors, and brand/recognition on or in distribution material.


NOTE #4:  The form above is secure and encrypted.  All personal information collected in signing up and running this event goes into a single excel spreadsheet, that will be used for no other purpose that running and recording this event.  It will be destroyed within 30 days of the completion of the event.



Mobile, Alabama